Tryavna - Cultural Heritage

The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower

  • The Clock Tower is the symbol of the town of Tryavna and was built in 1814. It is part of the only preserved Revival architectural ensemble in the country - Captain Diado Nicholas Square.
  • The Clock Tower, the Old Bridge and the Old Square are located 750 meters away from Petrov Apartment.

St. Archangel Michael Church

  • The legend goes that the church was built in the 12th century. To thank God for the support in the successful battle in 1190 in the Tryavna Pass, the Asenevtsi brothers built three churches dedicated to St. Archangel Michael. One of them was in Tryavna. So far, history has not confirmed this fact. But in the eighteenth century the church certainly existed. It was set on fire during the great Kardzhali attack on Tryavna in 1798. In his chronicle, priest Yovcho wrote "we found the church burned like a furnace, but not fallen down because it was a kivgir" (stone built).
  • The church of St. Archangel Michael is located 830 м. away from Petrov Apartment.
Church of St. Archangel Michael
The Daskalov House

Daskalova House Museum

  • It was built for two of the sons of Hadji Hristo Daskalov. At the consecration of the house on St. George's Day 1808, the master Dimitar Oshanetsa and the journeyman Ivan Bochukovetsa made a bet and for six months worked magnificent ceiling ceilings in the two rooms of the house. Even today the guests in Daskalov's house caress the suns with their rays. Here in 1963 was opened the only Museum of Carving Art of its kind, presenting the development of the oldest Revival carving school - Tryavna.
  • The Daskalov House is located 450 м. away from Petrov Apartment.

The Old School Museum

  • Built in the period of 1836-1839. One of the modern schools in Bulgaria. It was opened as a secular school in the autumn of 1839. In 1849 the people of Tryavna invited Petko Slaveykov as a teacher in Tryavna, who introduced music, drawing and of physical education in the school curriculum.
  • The Old School Museum is located 800 м. away from Petrov Apartment.
The old school museum
The Slaveikov House Museum

Slaveikov House Museum

  • Built around 1850. Being a teacher in Tryavna, Petko Slaveykov married Irina - the daughter of one of the famous Tryavna chorbadji Ivancho Raykov. Their family settled in a small hereditary house in the Upper Quarter of the village, where it remained until 1876. Here, under the strict care of the mother, all the children of Irina and Petko Slaveykovi grew up.
  • The Slaveikov House Museum is located 400 м. away from Petrov Apartment.

Angel Kunchev House Museum

  • It was built in the early XIX century. Home of the revolutionary Angel Kanchev - a companion and faithful assistant of Vasil Levski in building the internal revolutionary organization. Only Angel's childhood is spent in this home. The family moved to the city of Ruse and Angel Kanchev had opportunities for a good education. But he is committed to the freedom of the fatherland.
The Angel Kunchev House Museum
Popangelov's House Museum

Pop Angel House Museum

  • The oldest architectural monument on the territory of Tryavna municipality. It is believed to have been built in the second half of the 18th century. Its inhabitants used to be engaged in a rare artistic craft - kazaslak. From silk and fine woolen threads they made braids to decorate clothes, belts, horses. In Tryavna was made the tools for the horse of Haidar Pasha, the Turkish Sultan Abdul Majid. The tackle for the horse of Prince Alexander Batemberg was a gift from the Tryavna Kazaslak guild.

The Raykov House Museum

  • Built in 1846, it is a typical example of the Tryavna architectural school. In 1846 the Tryavna merchant Nikola Raykov entrusted the construction of his new house to the best Tryavna master at that time - Dimitar Sergyov. To this day, above one of the columns is the inscription: "846 we start 12 February". Dimitar Sergyov invests in the construction the best of the Tryavna Revival house, skillfully inserting niches "a la franga" in the space of the rooms and the veranda. The exposition presents the Tryavna way of life from the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century. Here you will see the first bed brought to Tryavna, furniture of the urban type of house.
  • The Raykov House Museum is located 850 м. away from Petrov Apartment.
The Raykov House Museum
The old street of crafts

The Old Street of Crafts

  • Crafts Street is located in the old part of Tryavna. It is easily reached on foot. If you have reached the Clock Tower, the Craft Street is one step away. You cross the Kivgiren Bridge, also known as the Old Bridge, which connects the two parts of the city and you are there. On the street of crafts there are some other landmarks of the town of Tryavna, such as Slaveykov and Daskalova houses museums.
  • The beginning of the Old Street is located 100 м. away from Petrov Apartment.

Asian and African Art Museum

  • The Museum of Asian and African Art in Tryavna is a unique object for Bulgaria and it is no coincidence that the museum is located right here. Descendant of Tryavna - sculptor Zlatko Paunov, determined to gather all your love for art in one place. The collection contains 328 items that can be presented in total. Zlatko Paunov is especially weak in the face of historical culture, spending time in Tibet and Nepal every year, which also has its own studios and students.
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Asian and African Art Museum